The Training Collection

Hey there, Witches!

Here’s the great, huge bountiful offering  of course offerings in the Training Collection.  Exlpore.  Read.  Listen.  Drink deeply!


Crafting the Witch meets you where you are.  Whether you know nothing, a little or a lot, there’s something for you here.  If you’re between learning/knowing and doing/practicing there’s something for you here.  If you’re between doing and Being, there’s something for you here.  And, if you are a Witch who’s been there but lost her way, there’s something for you here.  Remember the feeling of home-coming when you found the Craft?  Welcome home.  Again.

The Training Collection at Crafting the Witch is self-directed learning faciliated by Karina BlackHeart.  Using the newest technology, Training is delivered to your email box formatted for you to engage with video, audio + pdf files easily and seamlessly.  You can connect with Karina + other students on WitchBook.  As you train, go at your own pace. Be gentle yet consistent. Set a course for yourself and stick with it.  Engage with the Supports in place:  WitchBook, Soul Support + Webinars.   There are no deadlines or grades.  Do your own work.  Demand excellence, honor and integrity of yourself while you give yourself love, time and respect.  Become the Witch you know you can be.  No one will know if you don’t–except the most important person of all–You!

Soul of the Witch   is the  foundational offering in the Training Collection and suggested prerequisite to registering for any other class.  This offering establishes common language, ethos + ethics while establishing foundational practice which all other programs draw and build upon.  It’s good magic that make sense to get preliminaries and foundations in place before delving deeper.

CTW’s Training Collection is a banquet laid with an abundance of rich, well-prepared offerings.  Soul of the Witch is the plate upon which those offerings are served.

Other offerings in The Training Collection are slowly cooking in the cauldron.  We’re serving up one course at a time.  Be with what’s present.  Savor it.  Let it digest.  When the next course arrives at the table you’ll be ready.

In the Craft, there isn’t an “end.”  Every initiation is yet another beginning.  No racing or skimming surfaces.  What makes a Witch powerful is depth and breadth.  If your goal is to get there quickly, the honest-to-witchness Truth is that you’ll never really arrive.  Delve deep.  Be-coming and Be-ing takes patience and time.  

Eating all the food at a restaurant does not make one a chef.  We’ll be serving up quit a menu here–registering for classes gets you out from behind the table and into the kitchen alongside the Master Chef.  Get it?

Enroll in one, some or all of the offerings as they become available–the choice is always yours.   If you are attempting to create a cohesive, in depth Training, I suggest you take them in the order listed as they will build upon one another–making for a very strong Witch.  

The Training Collection is comprised of the following offerings. 

Soul of the Witch

The Care + Feeding of Witches   


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