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Being a Mystic rather than a Marketer, I’ve been told by dear friends that I should tell you WHY you will want to read this book. I guess I’d assumed you were so highly psychic that you already knew!

 This book will help you make decisions based in self care when navigating your relationship with a teacher. If you are a teacher–of the Craft or otherwise–it will answer some critically important questions about your role and relationship with students.  If you walk the starlit path alone or with a circle, coven or Tradition, it will guide your steps into the liminal spaces where magic is born.
A Witch’s Book of Silence will help the Witch deepen his practice and increase the efficacy of his magic while opening her to Silence with a capital “S.”   That Silence is the space from which all creation flows forth. It is the place within you that touches the Power we call God/dess. It it the ineffable mystery sought by those consumed, body and soul, with the desire for ecstatic connection with the Divine.

It addresses some of the most pressing and controversial concerns of the Craft as a modern-day “movement” and private, religious belief system.  A Witch’s Book of Silence is a mirror for us individually and collectively.  Here we see reflected our beauty and power as well as our fears, so we may know and love ourselves as we are.  The practices offered are culled from a lifetime of spiritual study and are designed to bring the practitioner into the arms of Silence Herself.  There we are reshaped so as to hear the voices of the infinite singing from the bower of stars above, below and within.

Finally, the reader arrives at the promises given by Silence which include communion, honor, integrity and the power of the word.  Weaving these among the threads of knowledge, will and daring, the Witch becomes all a Witch is meant to be.

I cast this magic out into the world with the sincere hope that it helps you embrace the power of silence so you can experience the richness and depth it bestows. There are myriad blessings in the quiet spaces betwixt and between.  My intention is to help you open fully to receive them!

Here’s the thing, Witches:  I’m self publishing and I need your help. The cost is steep in dollars, life force, work load and time. In order for the book to go to print, I am asking for your contribution to a fundraiser on   Pubslush is an amazing mother-daughter company dedicated to helping authors get their work into the world.  They also collect a (voluntary) percentage of each fundraiser for literacy projects!  What’s not to love about that kind of magic?

Please take a minute to go to my fundraising campaign and check out the great incentives for your contribution.  EVERY donation no matter how small helps!  If everyone who sees this, my social network posts, the CTW newsletter contributed $10, the goal would be met immediately!

Many of the incentives/thank-you-gifts come from the Training, Practice, Digital Magic and Support Offerings right here at But, there are also readings, one-on-one sessions, discounts on future events and even a full scholarship to The Power of Silence–a silent retreat coming in January (Gulf Coast) and July (New England).  There are also great gifts including Tshirts inspired by sentiments in the book, Soul Support Sessions, Lightning Coaching Sessions and more.

 Every contribution of $25 or more includes a copy of the book! Consider it a pre-order that helpsmagically manifest the book in physical reality!

Answers to all of your questions about ebooks, audio-books, audio-exercises, the Silent Retreats and more are at the campaign.

Witches, if you’re seeing this, it’s because you came to this website to learn from me and/or to support my work. Today, I am asking you to take another step toward that support and the deepening and ownership of your own Power. Even if you cannot help with a donation, you can help enormously by sharing this email with your friends, circles, covens and social networks.  You can share posts from my facebook, twitter and g+ accounts.  As I said,everything helps!  We’ve got a bit of a stretch to get to our base goal.  I’m counting on you, Witches!

With a heart full of gratitude, I offer you my blessings. Thank you!

cropped-Witch1.jpgHey there, Witches!

Here’s the great, huge bountiful offering  of course offerings in the Training Collection.  Exlpore.  Read.  Listen.  Drink deeply!


Crafting the Witch meets you where you are.  Whether you know nothing, a little or a lot, there’s something for you here.  If you’re between learning/knowing and doing/practicing there’s something for you here.  If you’re between doing and Being, there’s something for you here.  And, if you are a Witch who’s been there but lost her way, there’s something for you here.  Remember the feeling of home-coming when you found the Craft?  Welcome home.  Again.

The Training Collection at Crafting the Witch is self-directed learning faciliated by Karina BlackHeart.  Using the newest technology, Training is delivered to your email box formatted for you to engage with video, audio + pdf files easily and seamlessly.   As you train, go at your own pace. Be gentle yet consistent. Set a course for yourself and stick with it.   There are no deadlines or grades.  Do your own work.  Demand excellence, honor and integrity of yourself while you give yourself love, time and respect.  Become the Witch you know you can be.  No one will know if you don’t–except the most important person of all–You!

Soul of the Witch   is the  foundational offering in the Training Collection and suggested prerequisite to registering for any other class.  This offering establishes common language, ethos + ethics while establishing foundational practice which all other programs draw and build upon.  It’s good magic that make sense to get preliminaries and foundations in place before delving deeper.

CTW’s Training Collection is a banquet laid with an abundance of rich, well-prepared offerings.  Soul of the Witch is the plate upon which those offerings are served.

Other offerings in The Training Collection are slowly cooking in the cauldron.  We’re serving up one course at a time.  Be with what’s present.  Savor it.  Let it digest.  When the next course arrives at the table you’ll be ready.

In the Craft, there isn’t an “end.”  Every initiation is yet another beginning.  No racing or skimming surfaces.  What makes a Witch powerful is depth and breadth.  If your goal is to get there quickly, the honest-to-witchness Truth is that you’ll never really arrive.  Delve deep.  Be-coming and Be-ing takes patience and time.  

Eating all the food at a restaurant does not make one a chef.  We’ll be serving up quit a menu here–registering for classes gets you out from behind the table and into the kitchen alongside the Master Chef.  Get it?

Enroll in one, some or all of the offerings as they become available–the choice is always yours.   If you are attempting to create a cohesive, in depth Training, I suggest you take them in the order listed as they will build upon one another–making for a very strong Witch.  

The Training Collection is comprised of the following offerings. 

Soul of the Witch

The Care + Feeding of Witches   


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